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Thanks H Jacobs

Fragment on hols – thanks H Jacobs

I have mostly stopped thinking about my two published books, except at royalty time, when hope springs eternal. I’ve moved on and have immersed myself in a new story with new characters, (after a long and tricky gestation). So I had a bit of a shock when I came upon a review of The Fragment of Dreams while flicking through a glossy lifestyle mag in an orthodontist’s waiting room. My teenager was slumped next to me, furiously texting and quite underwhelmed by my unexpected discovery.

I was surprised because The Fragment of Dreams was released in May 2011, just as the book retail industry began its dark night of the soul. And the review was published in December 2011 and I didn’t come across it until December 2012. Now there’s a long tail for you.

I had to ask the orthodontic practice’ nurse whether I could tear the page out, as, I revealed shyly to her, the review was of my book.

TC, the reviewer, says, ‘This little novel contains adventure, travel to exotic places, a love story and great mystery and intrigue … the happy ending is well deserved, although with Fioretti having created such a force to be reckoned with, I expect that a sequel is inevitable.’ Thank you TC.


And now the long tail flicks again with this message left for me today on Facebook by a reader …

‘The Fragment of Dreams’ is amazing! Finished reading it yesterd. What a wonderful time I had getting to know Lilly and William better and being introduced to interesting and well created characters of Poppy, Luca, Andy and Stephen. I love the way your story moves between different countries and historical times with flawless elegance! Thanks’

It’s good to know the book is still alive and being enjoyed.



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