Ladies Packing Pieces


After watching Luc Besson’s film Nikita the other night I read a couple of reviews about it and was surprised to see the film referred to as one of the first, in Western cinema, of the ‘girls with guns’ movies. I was surprised because Nikita was made in 1990 and that’s not so long ago. But when you think about women in America getting universal suffrage in 1920, or Australian politician’s referring to their female colleague’s sex appeal while on the campaign trail in 2013, it’s not really that surprising.

As a culture we’re still overloaded with images of women as passive, despite Hit Girl, Lara Croft and Aeon Flux, despite female police carrying weapons, despite female soldiers in Australia, Canada and Germany being allowed to serve in combat. Pornland thrives on images of passive women and my guess is there are few teenage girls uploading pictures of themselves as active, strong agents of destiny. While Googling “girls with guns’ I came across some of these images and felt I had to share. I also searched for images under ‘men holding babies’ and found they were very scarce, except if there was an election campaign, a medical emergency or a tattoo fetish involved.








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