Virtual Champagne and Real Gratitude


For One Night Only is published today and now available through all ebook platforms. I won’t be launching the book in the traditional manner but I would still like to thank everyone who has played a part in getting the book written and published. So imagine me holding a virtual glass of champagne, you’ve all got your glasses in hand, maybe an olive in the other, the small gaggle of supporters quietens and I begin …

Firstly, special thanks to Joel Naoum for taking For One Night Only into the Momentum stable. Publishing has changed rapidly in the last few years and Momentum Books caught my eye from its earliest days as an outfit with intelligence, flexibility and a commitment to excellence in genre fiction and I’m very thrilled to be publishing a book with them.

Thank you to Momentum’s Tara Goedjen and her patient and supportive editorial work, also thank you to Mark Harding and Patrick Lenton bunkered down in the Momentum marketing lair.

Thank you to Alexandra Adsett, who helped sort out the business end of things and whose optimism and good humour always managed to soothe and raise my spirits

Books, or my books, always depart quite radically from their very first draft. Creating a book is a long process, one where the final book itself could be viewed as the debris that is left after making hundreds of decisions, large and small, along the way. Many of those decisions are fuelled by feedback from those who read the manuscript. Beta readers are like gold and I am so grateful to those who so kindly offered their time and comments.

Thank you, Gail Egan, for such a solid commitment to working through the manuscript to the end and providing excellent insights – as usual, thank you, Edwina Shaw, for your support, generosity and writerly insights and thank you, Alan Atkinson, writer, TV journalist and editor in possession of the Golden Gut.

I’d also like to thank some very supportive friends, Narelle Johnson, Margie Pitcher, Helene Young, Pete Morin, Alexander McNabb, Robb Grindstaff and all the GH’s.

I wrote For One Night Only in the first person point-of-view early in 2013. As a writing experience it was glorious. As a manuscript it wasn’t. So I rewrote it into its current form. Arduous, yes, but necessary. So the biggest thank you must go to my partner Nino and our children, Max and Louisa, who supported me unequivocally during the darkest moments. Persistence is all, but so much easier when surrounded by love.


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