Reviews of For One Night Only

Reviews of For One Night Only

4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic mystery set in Italy  January 21, 2014

By vox libris TOP 500 REVIEWER

“I suppose if you are going to get kidnapped, there are worse places for it to happen than Italy.

Ornella, an Australian of Italian descent, is vacationing in Sicily when she meets Hugh, an American archaeologist. Hugh’s dig has uncovered a priceless artifact, which he shows Ornella shortly before asking her to join him in spending a day hiking around a volcano on Stromboli. Ornella says yes; something makes her inherently trust Hugh, although she tells him there will be no sex.

But they do share passion, and the next morning, breakfast. Hugh goes to pay the check and and vanishes.

Ornella is convinced harm has come to him, whereas Hugh struggles to understand if Ornella had anything to do with his abduction. She sets out to find him, while he tries to survive.

I don’t want to say much more about the plot because there are twists here and there, and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that Philippa Fioretti knows how to write a mystery. She varies her pacing between the frantic confusion that Hugh and Ornella feel with the slow, warm passion they shared during their one night. Nothing is quite what it appears to be here, other than Hugh and Ornella. And even then …

There is a lot to enjoy about this book. The mystery is realistic and does not feel forced, and the twists and turns don’t feel manufactured for shock value. In fact, you might even figure out some of them ahead of time. The bigger mystery “ what of Hugh and Ornella “ takes the longest to unfold, but it’s worth it. You get to know the two of them during that time as Fioretti lets you get to know her hero and heroine.

And despite the whole kidnapping thing, you might just want to book a flight to Italy when you have finished reading.”

4.0 out of 5 stars  Entertaining romantic suspense  June 10, 2014

By  Shelleyrae   TOP 500 REVIEWER

“After spending time with her Italian relatives, Australian born Ornella Ortenzi plans to enjoy a few days in the Sicilian town of Taormina with a friend before heading to Rome for an audition that could launch the acting career she has always dreamed of. So when Ornella meets Hugh Calthorpe, a handsome British archeologist, she is determined not to be swayed by his charm but after a hike up a volcano, a few drinks and a moonlight skinny dip, she decides to throw caution to the wind. After a wonderful night together, Ornella and Hugh are sharing breakfast the next morning when Hugh wanders into the cafe to pay…and vanishes, leaving his phone and sunglasses behind.
For One Night Only is a fast-paced, entertaining romantic suspense novel that has Ornella and Hugh caught up in a dangerous adventure when Hugh is abducted and ordered to steal the precious floor mosaic depicting Dido and Aenaes he recently uncovered in the basement of a hotel. There are some good twists to the story as Fioretti plots an exciting romp that includes escape and capture, a nasty group of Italian thugs, corporate conspiracy and betrayal as Ornella and Hugh strive to save themselves, and each other.

I liked both of Fioretti’s protagonists. It might be a little bit of a stretch to believe that Ornella would be so adamant about finding Hugh given the circumstances, but she is a confident and determined woman, who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of trying to making it happen whether it is landing the role of a lifetime, or chasing after the missing Hugh. Hugh is a nice guy, smart, a little cheeky but obviously essentially principled and honest.  The chemistry between the pair is well depicted from their first meeting and in the moments they spend both together and even apart, the author manages to develop the relationship so that the reader is hoping for a happy ever after.

The setting of For One Night Only is particularly lovely, I enjoyed the tour of Taormina and its surrounds, led by Fioretti’s vivid descriptions of simmering volcano’s, black sand beaches and bustling cafe’s. {Google the town and you will be fantasising about visiting it yourself!)

Combining romance, mystery, action and suspense, For One Night Only is a well written and entertaining story which I enjoyed reading.”

4.0 out of 5 stars  Volcanic!  July 28, 2014

By  Lily Malone

“This is a lovely story set in Italy, with the volcano of Stromboli making an apt background for all the drama and intrigue (and sexual fireworks) going on.
I particularly loved the start. Hugh’s rescue of Ornella, who’d just had a mechanical malfunction, was brilliant… and I loved the set-up that saw the instant attraction spark between them during a day-trip to the volcano.
After an amazing night together, I could completely relate to Ornella’s initial bemusement, then growing concern and fear, when Hugh disappears after breakfast the next morning, leaving his phone on the cafe table. And as the hours pass, and you get a view inside both main characters’ heads, I can relate to the thought process each follows… that it was just a one-night stand; that maybe Hugh just up and left after breakfast and the relationship wasn’t anywhere near the depth Ornella remembers. And from Hugh’s perspective, that perhaps Ornella was complicit in his kidnap plot.
From there, it’s all non-stop action/adventure and suspense through some stunning settings in Europe and I do like that Ornella gets to be every bit as heroic (sometimes more) than Hugh in the drama to come.”

5.0 out of 5 stars  Entertaining read  September 10, 2014

By  Coleen Kwan

“Ornella, an Australian actress of Sicilian background, is holidaying in Sicily when she meets Hugh, an English archaeologist who has uncovered a priceless ancient mosaic. This chance encounter sparks off instant mutual attraction and a chain of events where Ornella’s idyllic holiday suddenly veers into nightmare.

I loved this book. It reminded me of Mary Stewart’s stories with its mixture of romance and mystery all set in an atmosphere of classic beauty. I liked both protagonists, and I especially liked how the details of the ‘one night’ referred to in the title are slowly revealed as the adventure unfolds. I also loved the depictions of Italy which made me want to pack my bags immediately!”

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